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Blackheads and pimples are a problem for a large number of people. You are probably here because you are looking for a way to help improve your skin and boost your confidence. This site is about helping you find the best blackhead remover products and methods that work for you! We have a continually growing resource of products and techniques that have proven to be effective for both acute and chronic sufferers of acne. We hope we are able to make even the smallest change in your life regarding the ever present problem facing both teens and adults. Good luck!

What Are Blackheads?

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Blackheads are the result of sebum and dead skin getting trapped in your pores. When exposed to air, this dries and turns black. Blackheads are different but similar to pimples which are formed by oil and bacteria in your pores. This bacteria inflames the skin and what is left is a pimple. These too can be removed in similar ways to blackheads but this site mainly focuses on the best blackhead remover practices.

Blackheads can appear all over your body – your face, chest, back, legs, and so on. With good skin care, awareness, hygiene and an effective blackhead remover, blackheads can be controlled and prevented from being a prolonged issue throughout your struggle with acne.

Truly The Best Blackhead Remover

The best and most effective way to ensure blackheads are no longer an issue for you is to keep your face nice and clean. Some people are different than others as some have more oily skin. You need to be especially aware of how often you are washing your face as the oil collects dirt and dead skin cells and as a result – blackheads. Clean skin is the best advice against blackheads in order to prevent them… but what if you already have blackheads?

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The Next Best Blackhead Remover

To be honest, there are a variety of ways to remove those pesky blackheads. Pore strips, extractor tools, clay masks, face scrubs, etc. We will try and help you to decide which method is best for you based on both how they work and your current blackhead situation.

Although it is tempting, the big danger about removing blackheads and pimples with your fingers is you risk infections and scarring. Instead if you want to use a tool to remove your blackheads, consider a comedone extractor.

A Comedone Extractor?

comedone extractor best blackhead remover

That’s right! A comedone extractor is a tool used to apply pressure evenly on your skin which then forces out both pimples and blackheads. It is one of the best blackhead remover products and used by medical professionals as well. All it simply is, is a small thin metal tool with a grip in the center and two loops at either end. The two loops are both big and small and are used accordingly to the size of your acne. This allows you to remove built up dirt in your pores without scarring or damaging skin tissue. Before you start using this tool you should still take proper care of your skin and ensure that you have washed it and ensure your skin is warm to enlarge your pores for easy extraction. A hot shower or putting your face over a steaming pot is an excellent way to open up your pores. Using an exfoliating soap to further prepare your skin never hurts either!

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Finally Removing Those Blackheads

Again, do not be tempted to use your fingers to remove those blackheads! The best blackhead remover method is to use a comedone extractor as it causes the least amount of damage to your skin. Ensure you are in a well lit area in front of a mirror so that your blackheads are clearly visible and ready for removal. Place force on your skin with the blackhead remover after you have prepared your skin (washed, warm, dried) and apply pressure. With any luck the blackhead will come clean out and you will have freshly open pores. Using a blackhead remover is your best bet for perfect skin as you can combat the problem right from the start once you have removed those blackheads! Make sure you take care of your skin after the process with a face scrub, clay mask or pore strip.

If you have severe, chronic cases of acne it may not be a bad idea to have a trained dermatologist or beautician use a blackhead remover for you. It never hurts to be extra cautious!

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